Research Subjects

The research network TIM will mainly be looking into the following areas:

  • Injury Criteria and Mechanisms

◦      Analysis of predictability

  • Injury Risk Curves / Tolerance Limits

◦      Evaluation and validation of injury risk curves

▪      Based on biomechanical test data

▪      Using accident data

◦      Evaluation of different statistical methods

  • Biomechanical  Modeling Techniques

◦      Enhancing usability and acceptance

▪     Achieving reliable significance

▪     Easy handling

◦      Extended Validation

▪     Using biomechanical test data

▪     Using accident data

◦      Extending the scope of usability

▪     Kinematics prior to injury occurence

▪     Accident situation

◦      Increasing model variety

▪     Anthropometry

▪    Tissue texture and characteristics

  • Dummy Technology

◦      Evaluating biofidelity

◦      Validation of different evaluation procedures