Trauma Biomechanics

Think of it…

In everyday live accidents can occur almost everywhere and at any time. Just think of road and work-place accidents, or of home, leisure and sports accidents as well as of a possible involvement in criminal actions. That’s where the science of trauma biomechanics comes to fore. It looks at accidents in general and does detailed research on

  • the motion of the human body and
  • how the body reacts to forces applied to it

in the course of accidents and other injury inflicting situations.

How does it do it?

Trauma biomechanics is an important though fairly new science. It aims at finding out about the correlation of

  • an actual accident situation,
  • the applied load on the human body and
  • the resulting injuries

using the terms, methods and laws of mechanics to analyze accidents.

What do you do with it?

The findings of trauma biomechanics research are then used to reduce the risk of injury in any given situation and, if possible, to prevent accidents from happening again. The results are implemented in the fields of vehicle and working safety as well as in enhancing general safety in leisure and sports. Furthermore the forensic sciences use the knowledge of trauma biomechanics to solve legal cases.